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Conflict Resolution Workshops

  • Starting at $100
  • Customer's Location or virtual

Service Description

Two separate hourly classes taught and are non-dependent on each other. 1) The 5A's of Conflict Resolution: An Introduction The proprietary "5A's of Conflict Resolution" is tailored to organizational or personal issues. Evidence-based frameworks and case studies are also incorporated. Equips attendees and clients with coaching/mentoring and conflict resolution techniques. This workshop is tailored for corporate level and can be adapted to non-corporate workplaces as well regardless of industry. The participant will:​ Have an overview of conflict​ Learn the proprietary 5 A’s of Conflict Resolution mnemonic​ Use case studies to facilitate learning. ​ 2) A Deeper Look at Conflict with Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA The participant will go away learning about:​ The different categories of conflict​ The different types of conflict​ Two key conflict/destructive conflict Models​ Sources of Conflict​ Use of evidence-based frameworks in dealing with conflict in the workplace​ The 5A's of Conflict Resolution Dance​ The use of case studies to assimilate learning from the workshop.​ Tangible call-to-action steps​ *Please note that the content. length, and the number of participants for the workshops can be modified to suit the clients'/organizational needs.

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+ (403)837-9209

Calgary, AB, Canada

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