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Welcome to my Speaker's page!

Did you or someone you know spend time "seemingly" talking to self as a child and pretending to be addressing a big audience? Did you find it normal? I can say a resounding "yes" to both questions. I remembered being alone in my room as a teenager talking and answering questions. I also remember one of my report cards messages as a child, "She works well with her classmates but needs to talk less in class" (lol!) [paraphrased].These were all clues that not only do I have the gift of the gab and a knack for words but it was pointing to what one of my callings would be. I feel alive empowering people on a real-life stage and don't mind virtual speaking engagements but my passion is the former. I am passionate about empowering people to deal with conflict from interpersonal, task, process, system, and value perspectives. On a different subject altogether, I also enjoy raising public awareness of uterine fibroids. Here are some of my interactive signature talks:

  • The 5A's of Conflict Resolution and Dance!

  • Team Dynamics: The Ups, Downs, and In Between!

  • Addressing Burnout: Don't let the Candle (you) Burn Out!

  • Unwelcome Uterine Guests!

Talks by invitation:

- June 22, 2022: Bullying in workplace, school and home on Healing Your Families with Emmalou Penrod:

Bullying in the Workplace, School and at Home - In Support of Families (podcast) | Listen Notes

-August 8, 2022: Bullying in the Workplace: The What, Who, Why, How on Living a Graceful Life 

LIVING A GRACEFUL LIFE - Win Win Women - Win Win Women Network

Speaking engagement from 2018
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