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Revised Flyer Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA WWW Gathering October 14, 2023 (1).png

Event: Inaugural Win Win Women Gathering (Desired Size 5-20)
Calgary, October 14th, 2023

This was a collaboration between myself and the Win Win Women Global Movement. I also partner with Win Win Women to produce the TV show "The Dancing Negotiator with

Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA" (since November 2021 to present) on Fridays at 4 pm Pacific.

We had fun:

-Learning 📚

-Eating  🥗🍛🍤🥘🍨🍰


-Receiving Gifts(Thank you to Dream Views, Chianti, Hair & Mix, & Domino's) 🎁

-Enjoying the fashion show 👗👠💄👜 (courtesy Tossbury Collectives)

-Vendor Visit (Hand Made with Love) 🕎 

Reflect on this:

-Is it an accident that despite all marketing efforts done months WAY in advance that we had a TOTAL of 10 participants for this event? We had 10 participants (#10 meaning testimony after tests/trials, Divine order, or completion) in the month of October (#10 again) on a date randomly chosen MANY months in advance and ended up having a solar eclipse? This was a very memorable gathering despite the many tests and obstacles to bring it to fruition 😊

-Nothing great comes easy and can be fraught with obstacles and challenges. The same can be said for the journey of each woman/young lady in attendance. #It's our perseverance that matters!

- The pics below are just a glimpse of the fruit of the labours, experience, and the rest... ask the participants for their testimony 😁


The ladies that were meant to be there showed up and we had a BLAST!!! 🚀🎇✨🎆🎉


***Dr. Cheryl Okoli, DHA- Event Director/Hostess and speaker on "The 5A's of Conflict Resolution"

****Mrs. Jessica Taburada (CIR Realty) on

- Negotiation in Buying and Selling Houses.

(She was very dynamic, informative, and riveting!!!) 

Award Recipients of the
Win Win Women 
"Women of Excellence"

Two Albertans were deserving of this award:

1) Mrs. Janette Oke

2)Mrs. Moji Taiwo

I encourage you to read up about them. They have

an extensive online presence!!!

They impacted my life and that of others in many


Fashion by Tossbury Collectives & 



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