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Go Team

Organizational Development Consultant

This service provides recommendations and I actually create frameworks, and design care models (tailored to the organization) to create healthy work environments that enhances organizational productivity (interpersonal and operational), quality of care,  boosts staff morale, and decreases absenteeism and presenteesim.

I also provide consultation on health standards, governance policy reviews, and strategic management.

I use various theories and models, but not limited to the Social Cognitive Theory, Socioecological Model, Swiss Cheese Model and Donabedian Framework for system transformation, root cause analysis, and risk management. Lewin's and McKinsey theories are used for change management processes. 

Principles of strategic planning and Sociocognitive Theory are incorporated in conflict resolution and prevention techniques . Pluralistic coaching and various mentoring techniques are employed and taught.

***Zoom and Cisco Webex services are available as well.

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