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Consulting, Advocating, and Empowering with Purpose

I, Cheryl Okoli, RN BN MSN, am a Master prepared Registered Nurse with over 17 years of nursing experience in acute care, operating room, academia, community, and long-term care. I have had various roles at the front-lines, research assistant, nursing practice instructor, advance practice nurse, director, and  consultant.

I am also passionate about health care administration and currently pursuing a doctorate in health administration. 

I chose the business name: “Shalom: Eagle’s Wings” because I want to empower you to live peacefully with the informed decision you’ve made concerning organizational productivity enhancement (for my organizational development services) and uterine fibroid management (for women health services); transcend above that which you cannot control like an eagle; have a safe environment to share your story, and receive guidance in a nurturing environment. 

I also provide personal coaching and mentoring services using a bio/social/cultural/psycho/spiritual approach.


  • Conflict Resolution

I am a published author and recipient of the 2011 ORNAC / Johnson & Johnson Drake Thompson Writing Award for my work on conflict resolution- a skill that is beneficial for personal interactions in daily life and in the delivery of safe and quality care at the system, organizational, and interdisciplinary health care team levels.  

  • Women's Health

I have presented in a professional workshop (SCORNA) and at Women on Vision, on uterine fibroid care (both conventional and non-conventional). I have also drafted research proposals to help prevent/alleviate uterine fibroids in high risk women and screening for women at risk for symptomatic uterine fibroids. One such proposal was submitted to the Toward Optimized Practice in Alberta.

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