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Course: Spirituality, Ethics, Policies, and Conflict in the Workplace

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WHAT: This course is currently designed to be a weekly self-taught online course for about two months. It includes:

  • Forgiveness and Conflict
  • Spirituality and Ethics as it pertains to conflict and work policies
  • Evidence-based frameworks/theories/analogies are also introduced weekly as it pertains to the topics
  • Power Point slides
  • Interactive Video clips are included
  • Transcripts
  • Opportunity for participants to implement call-to-action and reflective exercises.
  • Workbook
  • A face-to-face Q and A Zoom session with me at the end of the course.
  • WHO:
  • Academia
  • Employees and leaders of organizations or business owners regardless of industry.
  • *** Discounts available when bundled with other course products**** New content to be added soon!
  • *Can also be taught face-to-face if preferred*
  • Please contact me at for further information.
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